Week 13: Thinking Critically About the Web

The internet has definitely changed the way we consume media. No matter what you search, it follows you. For example, I wanted to buy a pair of boots during the fall, next thing I know I am on Facebook and ads for the sites I was looking at or boots that I was looking at were showing up on my newsfeed. Additionally, during the election there were liberal and conservative posts. Whichever set of posts I interacted with more, that type of view would be all over my newsfeed. Unfortunately, this flawed feature of the internet keeps our views and thoughts narrow minded, and it isn’t even our fault. Facebook filters out what we see or don’t see, and it is all tracked back to what we actually do on the computer. Through media, as we know, we are influenced by what we see.

Going off of this, previously commercials were the big thing. If the TV says everyone has it, I must get it! Slowly, but surely, this changed to the internet. The internet has changed how we view media because everything is available at the click of a button. Your friend shares something about a celebrity and you click it, everything is going viral. You learn about celebrity gossip, or new challenges that are going on that you just can’t wait to be a part of.

Now moving on from that, we know how almost everything is accessed on the internet. This causes major issues. Why? People are downloading music, movies, games, you name it, for free. These are all items that have to be payed for, but fans are finding ways to access it and let others download it without charge. This is an issue for product owners because they are not making any money. Some singers I know are like so what let my fans have my product, and others are mad because they are losing money. I know personally my friends will only buy music if it is an artist that absolutely love and are committed to, they feel like they are being disloyal by just downloading it. “With the consolidation of power represented by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, American intellectual property law has been rewritten to reflect the demands of mass media producers” (Jenkins 137). This means that because of the easy access due to the internet of products, enough people were mad about losing money that they had to then make it illegal. Going off of that, it is incredibly dangerous once you start selling the illegal downloads.


Week 11: Post-Production

Yay!!! Milestone time. This past Thursday, my group made probably the biggest milestone. Jordan and I went to Deanna’s apartment and filmed. We did a really awesome job working together. Jordan and I did the acting and it went really well, you’ll see us at the next Oscar Awards ūüėČ . Deanna filmed us and did a super great job with different angels and got a lot of good B-roll for footage. Overall, I think the filming aspect was probably the biggest accomplishment our group has done so far. The footage honestly looks awesome and the audio is very clear. I think editing the footage could be considered a “hurdle” per say, however I think that we will do a pretty nice job with editing. I have a lot of video editing experience so I don’t think it will be too much of a hurdle, however in terms of what we have left to do we could consider that to be. ¬†We also are going to use screencast incorporated into our video like how we learned in class. Our video editing will also be used with iMovie, which we also used in class.

I think another milestone we could consider would be that we decided how we are going to organize and split up the paper in a fair way that makes sense. Although we “split” different ways of doing the paper, we will obviously still work together on the different sections. This way we are still all helping each other out and doing the work evenly in a way that makes sense for all of us. Although us splitting up the paper is a milestone, actually writing it could be our next “hurdle”. I say that because I think the filming and editing are the fun parts, but writing the paper is half of the meat of the project, but probably the least fun.

Unit 10: Week 10: Gathering Your Material

I picked a song, picture, and video that I think would be useful for our final project.

First, I picked a picture that exhibits a career fair. 5430119954_80be9a5f54_b.jpg

I thought this picture could be useful in our presentation. It exhibits a career fair and how there are different options to choose from. I think it is good that it shows how people dress for career fairs. Although our project is more so on how to use Focus 2 to choose a major, I thought this would be insightful.

Secondly, I chose a song that might be good to play in the background of our video.¬†https://www.jamendo.com/track/811445/look-inwards This Track is an instrumental track that sounds motivational. I thought that it would be good to use not only for the motivational sound, but also because of the title. The song is called “Look Inwards” and I think that is an important part of choosing a major. When choosing a major, you need to look inwards per say. Choosing a major is all about finding out not only what you are good at, but what you like to do. You can’t choose a major like math, if you are bad at math and don’t like it, you will not want/ or be happy in a career that involves math.

The third piece of media I chose was this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lbV67Gzk-U . This video goes through the processes and ideas of going through choosing a career. Personally, I think this piece of media would be the most useful and helpful in our project. This is because it actually exhibits different processes similar to Focus Two when picking a major.

I think using the site Creative Commons Search Engine was helpful. This way we can use media without worrying about a copyright infringement. Now not only are we using useful material, but it is legal.

Week 9: Designing Your Final Project

Before Storyboarding –

Personally, I have 6 years of video experience from filming and editing. I have been making storyboards for quite some time. I think that they are a hassle and annoying to do, however they are helpful in order to keep the storyline on track while filming. Also, storyboards help you to remember what you are doing and then you don’t have the risk of losing a good idea that you had in your head. Overall, I think our group has a very great collaborative energy. It can be thought of to be hard when everyone has a different creative process, but we have used it to our advantage in order to get the best ideas that we can all come up with and agree upon together.

Since I have worked with storyboarding before, I don’t think it will be too difficult. We just have to draw out what we expect to happen, and on the side write the details of the scene including what kind of shot we plan on using while filming that particular scene. I really do not think we will run into any problems with storyboarding. Either way, it is good to story board because it doesn’t even necessarily mean that’s how things are set, you can always open new ideas.

After Storyboarding –

I think our group did a good job explaining Focus 2 in the storyboard while making it entertaining and creative. I think it was a super good idea to plan on using a screencast in our final project. I think using a screencast is not only a great tool to use to depict this part of the scene, but also an amazing way to show what we have taken from this class. I think some cool graphics and dramatics would be a good go to to use in this project. I think special effects would be awesome while doing the video. The goal is to make it not only educational, but entertaining. The ultimate vision for this project would be for it to be short, simple, and to the point without it being boring. We want it short and simple in order to get the topics out there and explained without dragging on. For music we are using in the background, we can make sure it is done legally by using a public domain that is allowed to be used. Even with the music being used that is for public use, we will still give credit in order to ensure everything is done correctly.

Top 5 Midterm Blogs!

Here were my choice of the top 5 Midterm Blogs:

1.) https://thehiddenwildblog.wordpress.com/

The Hidden Wild was my favorite midterm blog. I thought the layout was super cool and made me feel relaxed, which I think relates to the topic. Tarot cards and reading the future and spirits are all things that I have always had a great interest in. I thought that Jordan did a great job not only explaining how to read Tarot cards, but also did a great job having the audience feel close to her and connected to her. I also thought that the quote when you first go onto the blog was a nice touch to bring the reader in.

2.) https://justgoshootblog.wordpress.com/

I thought the blog Just Go Shoot! was a really cool blog. I like the idea of photography and how looking through a lens is a whole different view point on the world. I thought it was cool how Jeffrey not only incorporated his own photos, but he also had posts explaining different aspects of the camera. I think that this blog has a lot of potential to develop into even more and I like it.

3.) https://markexplores.wordpress.com/

As someone who loves the outdoors and hiking, I thought that this blog was so cool. First off, the concept to document different adventures around New Jersey is cool in itself. However, having the video (with what looks to be used with a GoPro) is soooo cool! I thought including the video from his point of view was a great idea. The music in the video was also fun and fit the topic. I think this is a good idea to give college students suggestions of what they can go out and do for free and for fun. I thought the pictures he added were nice and gave the blog a nice touch.

4.) https://beautybygerri.wordpress.com/

This blog looks like a real blog and not just a midterm project! It was done very well and it is very aesthetically pleasing. I love how Gerri did the edit of the header to have the name of the blog in it. Her beauty posts seem very knowledgable and she does a good job explaining the products she uses. Overall I think that this is a nice beauty blog and I look forward to seeing how she continues with it.

5.) https://thecollegeroadtripblog.wordpress.com/

I thought this blog had a cool and original idea. I like how she included a video talking about her road trip¬†to DC and how it had her in it and she had the things she was talking about in the video at the same time. I think the links she added as pages for places I’ve ate, slept, traveled with, etc. are going to be super helpful when added to. It is kind of like an in depth yelp for traveling and with tips. I thought it was well done and a neat idea.

Week 8

When given the midterm assignment, I was very curious as to what I was going to make as the topic of my project. It was supposed to be designed to either help us professionally or personally. Professionally, I want to go into Public Relations, and I wasn’t sure as to what I would do for that in a blog form. I thought it might be too boring to have me essentially do a blog that is a resume in depth and talked about my future job goals.

Instead, I decided to take a personal route on the blog, something that would be interesting to not just me, but also my audience. So what is something that everyone does? Eat! I then decided to make a food based blog. I love cooking and baking and have a lot of recipes saved on Pinterest. I also love when I go on Facebook and I find really cool food videos and then I find their recipes in hopes of saving for later so I can make them. Since I like cooking and finding new recipes, I thought my blog would be a good way to not only share the food that I have made picture wise and recipe wise, but people who view my blog can also submit to me either their favorite recipes, or recipes they want to try out. I like that there is this option because not only does this give me more recipes, but it is a bunch of people sharing food ideas! I think that is pretty awesome ūüôā Foodies unite!!!

I have shared on my blog already some pictures of places I have gone to eat and shown the food so that others can go and try it if it looks appealing to them. I have also already shared some recipes and I look forward to receiving some as well.

Week 6: Editing Video

Above is my YouTube video of my screencast. I talked about two ePortfolio’s which you can look at by following these links:¬†https://www.mikeauteri.com/ and¬†http://hannahlynnes.wixsite.com/hannahsims … This was my first time making a screencast. I had actually always wondered how people “recorded their computers from their computers”. Making a screencast was significantly easier than I had thought it would be. The directions in the video were extremely easy to follow and I was very surprised at how easy it was. To edit the video, I used iMovie. It was easy to edit the video, however, my zoom in on part of the screencast looks weird and unfocused. It only had one available zoom setting that I could see, and it would not let me choose where to focus the zoom on. I found this annoying because it makes the zoom look sloppy. For the beginning and end with the title page into the video and the video into the credits, I used cross dissolve. I also added little captions in just to kind of highlight on things about the ePortfolio’s. I thought the ePortfolio I chose was better than the example one. The one I chose was organized, had a lot of pictures, was visually pleasing, had nice text in the heading, and had a nice overall format. The only things that I could think of improving would be to update the resume, personally I found it to be disorganized and over crowded. I also might make the text a little bit bigger. Also, I liked the creed she shared, however I thought the text on top of the lines made it a bit hard to read. I think it would be beneficial if you could click the “Professional” tab and if it would then lead to links, as shown in my screencast it took me a little bit to realize that I had to click below.

After reading the article, I thought it was interesting how she said “By understanding how games express rhetoric in their rules, we not only gain a critical vantage point on videogame artifacts, but also we can begin to consider how to design games whose primary purpose is to editorialize, teach, and make political statements.” Personally, I do not play video games, but I thought this was an interesting way to look at it. I know it doesn’t have to do with teaching, but in terms of making a player have a particular experience, I saw this show called Black Mirror. In the one episode the guy was in a game that felt like reality and all of his biggest fears would come out. It seemed super real and freaky. I think virtual reality is similar to this in a sense. Freaky!! Not ready for what technological advances we have coming our way, that’s for sure.

Week 5: Editing Audio

My Podcast

Hey y’all! Another day another dollar. For this week, I have created my very first “Podcast”. You can listen to it by clicking the “My Podcast” link above. I have mashed up the songs Fast Car and Roses! This was my first time since elementary school using GarageBand, however I think I did a pretty good job. The experience was quite easy, and it was fun to mash up the songs together. I had to share it as a Google drive because on SoundCloud it kept getting deleted, even thought I only had 30 (approximately) seconds of the one song. Either way, check it out I think it sounds pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I like how the two songs transition well into each other. I also like how they both are very “feel good” songs.

From SquareSpace

From SquareSpace

I watched the video “The Cleaning Lady”¬†http://redlettermedia.com/shorts/mr-plinkett-shorts/the-cleaning-lady/ . I think Red Letter Media put the video together by writing the script, recording the videos in different sections, and then editing it all together. The audio was recorded within the movie while shooting scenes i.e. the people speaking. However, the background music I am sure they just imported to be in the back quietly yet audibly. I think that they made all of the material themselves. This video was very poorly done quality, there were no transitions and it was very bumpy. They used many different camera angles, close ups, long shots, mid shots, etc.

Week 4: Image Editing

I have not used Garage Band since elementary school. We used to record our voices and then we would play around with adding music to them also. That being said, we mostly used as a voice audio type of editing. I even remember there was a competition to make a song on Garage Band and intertwining your voice to be on the morning announcements. I did not win, which pretty much ended my Garage Band career.

After watching the Garage Band video, I do not think I would necessarily need it or use it for my future job. I want to be a public relations professional and I think if anything I would use video editing or picture editing, but not really audio editing. However, I suppose I could use Garage Band as a hobby. If I wanted to make some sick beats that were dope to put on a SoundCloud and then I could start my rap career. I can see it now. Lil Lana on the block dropping some SoundCloud hits brought to you by Garage Band.

I think  now that I have watched this video, I could start doing audio editing, but a very limited amount. As stated previously, I have not used Garage Band since elementary school. Now being a sophomore in college, that was quite some time ago.

I personally prefer video editing and picture editing. That being said, I am excited to refresh myself with audio editing and I look forward to this experience. Who knows, maybe after this class I actually will be an established rapper on SoundCloud after making some Garage Band hits.


week 3: photo editing

My journey of editing images is quite the journey. When I first got a Facebook, I would edit images by inserting words across my profile pictures that I <33333 my friends so much!!! When I got older, the editing of images was just a bit of touch up or a filter on my Instagram pictures. Relating to another class and the reading by Coleman, doing so to pictures is definitely deceiving. For example, on Tinder people will only post pictures of their “best selves” which more often than not includes some sort of photo altering. This is definitely deceiving to people debating on whether or not to swipe right, not knowing if you’re the real deal. According to Coleman, this type of editing caused by your “desire to exceed” could make you considered a troll. A troll could be considered in a totally different light as well, that being someone who creates heavily photoshopped images for laughs, at the expense of others. Coleman states “trolls value pranking and offensiveness” and often these photoshopped images are just that.

In continuation of my photo editing journey, my senior year of high school is when my skills peaked. I took a photoshop class for my art requirement. The first day we took a pretest, to morph two animals together, I did AWFUL, thankfully it was only a pretest. As the year progressed, so did my photoshop skills. I created my end of the world project based off of the Cloud Gate in Chicago, which is pictured below. For another project, I inserted myself into a movie scene from “The Fault In Our Stars”, which is also pictured below. Overall, I think that I am pretty good at photo editing, that being said it has been awhile so I might be a bit dusty.